Tasting Notes - Op & Top

Originally posted June 4, 2019

Name (名前) Op & Top
Brewery (醸造所) Brouwerij De Molen
Country (国) Netherlands
Type (種類) English Bitter
ABV % (アルコール度数) 4.5
IBU (アイビーユー) 38

This was the first of a short-lived effort at cataloging my tasting notes using paper and pencil. It was also my first attempt at recording my thoughts about the pour, nose and taste of beer. I’m hoping that with more experience, I’ll be a shade more creative going forwards!


Disclaimer: I'm not an artist and there will be some shockingly poor logo sketches in this series! I just wanted to mention this before someone else did!

Ingredients (材料)

Barley Malts (pils, caramel)大麦麦芽(ピルスナー,キャラメル)
Bitter Hops (sladek)苦ホップ(スラデック)
Late hop (amarillo)遅ホップ(アマリロ)
Top fermenting yeast上面発酵酵母

Pour (ポア(色))

Slightly cloudy少し白濁の外観
Caramel syrup colourキャラメルシロップの色
Off-white foamy head with good staying power持続性のあるオフホワイトのたっぷりとした泡

Nose (香り)

Light citrus aroma with hoppy tonesホッピーな軽いシトラスの香り
Expectation of refreshing, easy-drinking beer爽快で飲みやすそうなビール

Taste (味)

Easily a sessionable beer迷わずセションビール
Fresh hoppy initial taste with lingering, slightly bitter but delicious aftertaste口に含んだ瞬間はフレッシュでホッピーな味
Pleasant mouthfeel with hints of pils malts後味は少し苦いが美味しい
Uncomplicated, simple and easy drinkingピルスナー風味でいい口当たり